Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crimes Against Me

Stacy and I were victims of two very different, very minor crimes in the last 24 hours.

Sometime last night, someone broke into our backyard shed. There’s been a lot of that in Bellevue lately. He opened the padlocked side door of the shed by tearing the hasp out of the doorframe. As far as we can see, he didn’t take anything - another advantage to a manual mower and a reluctance to use power tools. I reattached the hasp with much longer screws, and I added a deadbolt on the inside. Next time, he’ll have to work a little harder to steal nothing.

Then, this morning, I got an email from Stacy that wasn’t really from Stacy. Maybe one of her email accounts was hacked. Maybe some spammer is spoofing her name. It might even be a coincidence - Stacy’s last name is pretty common. Gmail sent the email to my inbox instead of the spam folder because it “knows” I get lots of email from Stacy.

Whatever - to be safe, Stacy changed all her email passwords.

The contrast struck me - old-school break-in on the one hand, possible cybercrime on the other.

You kids with your cybercrime. Why, when I was your age, we had to leave the house if we wanted to steal something!

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