Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whole New Kind of Republican Crazy

Birther crap is no longer acceptable in polite Republican circles. Even Donald Trump has moved on. So I was fascinated to see this in a Slate article on the Keystone pipeline:

Jim Oddie, a scuba instructor who’d driven an hour to see Gingrich, ticked off the reasons Obama might have nixed the pipeline. “He doesn’t play for our team,” he said. “He wasn’t raised in the mainland of the United States. He doesn’t think America is exceptional. Come on—he grew up in Hawaii in 1961 when it had been a state for less than two years. Spent time in Indonesia.”

Yeah, okay, Obama is a U.S. citizen, they'll concede that. But Hawaii? Barely a state when he was born. Who knows what was going on over there back then? Statehood's like a superglue with a really really long drying time. It doesn't firm up overnight. Or over a couple of years. Bottom line, Obama's not mainland. Not mainland, not mainstream...

Wow. Anything to disparage Obama, and dissing a whole state is collateral damage. He's, you know, Hawaiian. If they're really American, why did they put their state so far away, anyway?



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