Friday, January 27, 2012

Romney: Definitely Not Stupid

Mitt Romney had a good debate last night. Maybe he bested Gingrich. He definitely got at least a draw. That's reassuring.

I say this as a hard-core liberal. I very much hope that President Obama gets another four years to fix the Bush mess. But, if that doesn't happen, I'll sleep a lot easier with Romney in the White House than I would with Gingrich. Gingrich is truly scary. He doesn't accept the role of the courts. There's a chance he'd wind up on the other side of an impeachment trial. As ironically satisfying as that would be, it's not what the country needs.

I also like the way Romney raised his game: he got a good coach. So Romney's smart: he had a problem. He brought in an expert. He absorbed the expertise remarkably quickly, and put it to good use.

That bodes well for someone who, let's face it, doesn't seem to have any core beliefs beyond the idea that he ought to be president. If he ends up with the job, he'll hire smart people, he'll listen to them, and he'll understand what they're saying. He may push some economic and social policies that I hate, but he probably won't drag us into any pointless wars. As Republican presidents go, that's a big improvement. 


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