Monday, May 16, 2011

Dog, You're Freaking Me Out!

On pizza night at our house, everyone wins. Stacy and I get pizza, and Sophie and Jackson get special treats - pig ears, usually. So they've learned to greet Mike, the pizza delivery guy, just as enthusiastically as I do. And, being dogs, they get revved up a little ahead of time. They hear Mike's car door slam and they're off the couch, at the door, ready to celebrate.

Tonight was pizza night. We were all hanging out on the couch, waiting for the food. Sophie was lying down - no view out the window. Suddenly she bolted up and started talking, excited about something. Stacy looked out the window, but didn't see anything. From my angle, I saw a car going by our house. Meanwhile Sophie headed for the door, still talking, doing her happy dance. None of us, Jackson included, had any idea why.

Then I watched the car outside stop and back up. It was Mike. He had gone past our house.

How the hell Sophie recognized him as he zipped past, I have no idea. Lying on the couch, she couldn't see his car. Scent? Could she have smelled pizza inside a car, thirty feet away, going twenty-five miles an hour? Greyhounds ain't bloodhounds. Did she hear Mike's car? There was no slamming door to cue her. Can she really distinguish the sound of one car from the many, many others she hears every day?

It's a strange feeling to look at one of your beloved pets and wonder just what she's capable of. Cue the Twilight Zone intro.


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