Friday, April 15, 2011

Facebook - A Burglar's Best Friend?

So you're active on Facebook, and you're active on the local music scene. You get Event invitations all the time - those pages where a band announces a gig, and where you can click [I'm Attending].

Groovy! Your friends will know you're going. That may make them decide to go, too. Party!

But look at the "Attending" list on the Event page. It probably lists some people you don't know. But now you do know that they may not be home at a certain date and time. And, of course, if you've clicked the button, they know the same about you.

If I were a burglar, I'd join Facebook, and I'd [Like] all the local bands I could find. I'd cross-check the Event notices, and look for people who go out a lot...

When you post to your Facebook status, you're talking to your friends. When you click [I'm Attending] on an Event page, you're talking to the world. Be careful.


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