Thursday, March 17, 2011

Philip K. Dick Would Enjoy This

Some years ago, when I was first looking for work in Richmond, I used indeed. indeed aggregates listings from other job sites, so you can look in one place and see everything. Even better, indeed lets you set up alerts, based on keyword and zip code. It automatically emails you when matching jobs come in. I set up a bunch of alerts for the kinds of programming jobs I wanted.

I've been working steadily for a few years now, as an employee of a consulting company. But I keep my alerts running. It's an easy way to track trends in the local market. I've even added alerts, to see how quickly new technologies are gaining traction.

This morning, an alert came through from my current employer, for my core skills. Curious, I clicked the link. It was a very good match - it was my current consulting assignment.

I was shocked. As far as I knew, everything was going well - the client was happy, my manager was happy. But, these days, you never know. There was my job. They were planning to replace me.

A few emails and some agita later, turns out it was a back office mishap. Apologies. They didn't mean to post my job. I'm still employed.

Now, as long as Stacy recognizes me when I get home, I'll believe that no one's trying to erase me. At least, not yet.


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