Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ice Cream Koan

Yesterday, on Jackson's evening walk, we stopped by Meadow Park. An excellent local surf-rock band, 3rd Wave, was giving a free concert. And there was free ice cream.

I sat down on a bench and hoisted Jackson onto my lap. He tolerates that, especially when's he tired - yesterday was a classic Southern scorcher, mid-90's all day. Stacy went to get an ice cream cone. Vanilla, soft serve. She came back and took a few licks. Then she handed it to me and went off to Garnett's to pick up our dinner.

I took a few hits off the ice cream. Then I showed it to Jackson, putting it within licking distance. No chocolate, so no problem.

Still on my lap, he took a couple of licks. Then he stopped licking and started wriggling around. That's the put-me-down signal, and I complied immediately, because his thoughts were as clear as if he'd spoken them out loud: "Wow! Hey, this is important. I need to focus on this stuff I'm eating. Put me down!"

Back on terra firma, Jackson used his long tongue to good effect while I held the cone, and the ice cream vanished quickly. He was meticulous, though, about not biting the sugar cone, till I broke off a piece and gave it to him. That changed the cone from container to treat, and he absorbed it as well.

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