Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I was out walking Jackson a little while ago. We heard and saw the neighbor lady, walking her two hyper chihuahuas, on leash. They were about 50 feet away from us.

Somehow one of the chihuahuas, Perry, got loose. He came charging at us like Jackson owed him money, barking and snarling. He was attacking.

When Perry got close, I leaned down and yelled "No!" He backed off, circled a little bit, and made another charge. I leaned down etc. Repeat three times, till Perry had circled us completely and was behind us. I seized the moment and led Jackson away. At that point, Perry lunged forward and bit me in the leg, a few inches above the ankle. Little bastard drew blood.

Fortunately, he had been to the vet for his rabies booster today - sounds unlikely, I know, but the neighbor lady had paperwork to prove it. One of those coincidences. Still, I'm inclined to report it. Perry won't get put down for the first bite, and it may make the neighbor lady more careful. I don't want the next victim to be Jackson or any other creature.

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