Friday, November 20, 2009

The Asshole of Meadow Park

Meadow Park is a pocket park near our house, a block-long triangle of grass and trees. It's also the place for local dogs to meet and greet. No fences, so leashes on at all times, but there's plenty to see and sniff.

Jackson and I got there early this morning, around 6:30. There was one other dog, large and beige, at the other end of the park. At first, Jackson was content to follow the pee trail. But, after a few whiffs, he decided he wanted to say hi. I let him lead as we crossed the park.

When we were about 15 feet away from the other dog, its owner whirled around and said, "What are you doing?"

"What?" I said, truly confused.

"Are you following me or something?"

I pointed at Jackson. "He is. He's friendly."

He looked at his own dog. "Well, she's not. So go somewhere else. I don't need a dogfight first thing in the morning."

His dog seemed to have a different opinion. Throughout Jackson's approach and the subsequent pleasant chat, she stayed calm. She looked at Jackson a couple of times, but no barks, no growls, no tugging on the leash. If there was hostility from her, I missed it, and so did Jackson.

Whatever. "Okay, okay," I said, "be nice about it." We turned and headed the other way. They crossed the street and left the park.

I'll assume the guy isn't completely delusional, and that his dog has gotten into fights in the past. He seems to have no idea that his paranoid reaction to other dogs and owners isn't going to help. All he had to say was "She's not friendly." Instead, he almost turned it into a confrontation between me and him.

<brooklyn> And by the way, asshole - if your dog is so fucking dangerous, maybe you shouldn't be walking her in the one place where you're pretty much guaranteed to see other dogs, even at 6 in the morning. In fact, maybe she's not a good choice for a city dog, Einstein. Maybe you and she should both pack up and move to 10 acres in Goochland. That way, at least, I won't have to see your stupid fucking face. </brooklyn>

Monday, November 9, 2009

Caliente Brunch II

70-some degrees in Richmond today, so we went to Caliente for brunch on the patio again. Blissfully, boringly uneventful: we gave Jackson a rawhide treat, he plopped down on his mat, and he stayed put while we ate. The only other dog there wasn't cruising, so no casual sex.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Facebook: The New Google?

For many years now, I've thought of Google as top dog in the software world. But Facebook is challenging that. Yes, the frequent UI changes are odd, but the back-end tech is innovative and impressive. Talk about scaling: hundreds of millions of users. Daily number of writes is probably at least that. Daily number of reads is probably a couple of orders of magnitude higher. Hell, just getting all those email alerts out is impressive.

They're pragmatic: they use everything from PHP to C++ to Erlang (the billion-msg-a-day chat server), and they open-source a lot of stuff.

Freedom to choose the right tool instead of the popular one: priceless.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Who's A Widdle Widdle Pirate?

By popular (okay, Stacy's) demand, Jackson all dressed up for Halloween:


And my favorite, because it has a sort of hellhound/spirit photo effect:


Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Graduate

Jackson passed his final exam in PetSmart Basic Training today! Things started badly - his normally reliable "down" deserted him. But he got it back, and he pulled a "stay" out of his butt to ace the test.

Jackson's gonna get so drunk tonight. Watch out, Mrs. Robinson!