Thursday, June 12, 2008

High Gas Prices - More, More!

Years of blather about foreign oil and environmental damage did little to change the driving habits of the typical American motorist. The Prius was for Hollywood liberals; real patriots drove Hummers.

Now we know the price of change. When gas gets up around $4 a gallon, Americans start acting rationally. They stop buying monstrous trucks and SUV's. And they drive less.

The next step? Bump up the federal gas tax a dollar, and use every dime of the money to subsidize alternative energy technologies - wind, solar, electric cars.

Of course, it'll take a real leader in the White House to pull this off - someone who has the guts, and the political capital, to ram through a good-for-you tax increase. Someone who's willing to talk honestly about gas and taxes. Maybe someone who first brings the troops home, then positions the program as a JFK-style moon landing challenge...maybe.

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